Highlights of Christian Theology between 500 and 1500 AD



Dozent: William J. Hoye

Sprechstunde: Di 15.00 - 15.30 Uhr

Zuordnung zu Studiengängen u. Teilgebiete:

Zeit: Freitag 10:15 — 11:00 Uhr

Ort: KThS III (Johannesstr. 8-10)

Beginn: 15. Oktober 2004

Belegnummer: 021059



Inhaltliche Schwerpunkte:

Important theologians like Denis the Areopagite, John Scotus Eriugena, Anselm of Canterbury, Bonaventure, Thomas Aquinas, Ramon Llull, Meister Eckhart, Nicolaus Cusanus and others will be characterized and in each case a major theological idea will be treated. Nothing gives theological thinking more freedom than knowledge of the classics of theology!  



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